Clodronate Liposomes to manipulate macrophage function

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We have provided clodronate liposomes to hundreds of research groups all over the world for over 25 years. We ship to the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. 
On this website you will find all relevant information about clodronate liposomes for macrophage depletion.

You can order liposomes online and read current projects, useful references and other important information. 

Current Projects

A list of studies in which our clodronate liposomes are used.
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Useful References

A list of references showing the first publications on the depletion of phagocytic cells in various organs and tissues, using liposome encapsulated clodronate. Moreover reviews are listed on the mechanisms of liposome mediated “suicide” of macrophages, its applications in macrophage research, possible therapeutic applications and preparation of clodronate liposomes.
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