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A list of references showing the first publications on the depletion of phagocytic cells in various organs and tissues, using liposome encapsulated clodronate. Moreover reviews are listed on the mechanisms of liposome mediated “suicide” of macrophages, its applications in macrophage research,  possible therapeutic applications and preparation of clodronate liposomes.

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  • First Publication:
    For the first description of the approach, see: Van Rooijen, N. & Van Nieuwmegen, R. 1984; Cell Tissue Res.238; 355-358.
  • Applications:
    For reviews on applications of the approach, see: Van Rooijen, N., Bakker, J. & Sanders, A. 1997; Trends in Biotech. 15; 178-185, and Van Rooijen, N. & Van Kesteren-Hendrikx, E. 2002; J. Liposome Research 12; 81-94.
  • Elimination & blocking of macrophages:
    For a review, see: Van Rooijen, N. & Sanders, A. 1997; J.Leuk.Biol. 62; 702-709.
  • Mechanism of Cell Death:
    For apoptosis of macrophages induced by liposomal clodronate ‘in vitro’, see: Van Rooijen, N., Sanders, A. & Van Den Berg, T. 1996; J.Immunol.Meth. 193; 93- 99.
  • Kupffer Cells in the Liver:
    For depletion of Kupffer cells in the rat liver, see: Van Rooijen, N. & Sanders, A. 1996; Hepatology 23; 1239-1243.
  • Ultrastructural demonstration of depletion of Kupffer Cells:
    For a demonstration of Kupffer cell depletion at an ultrastructural level, see: Van Rooijen, N., Van Nieuwmegen, R. & Kamperdijk, E.W.A. 1985; Virchows Arch. B (Cell Pathol.) 49, 375-383.
  • Macrophages in the Spleen:
    For depletion and repopulation of macrophage subsets in the mouse spleen, see: Van Rooijen, N., Kors, N. & Kraal, G. 1989; J.Leuk.Biol. 45; 97-104.
    For depletion and repopulation of macrophage subsets in the rat spleen, see: Van Rooijen, N., Kors, N., Van Den Ende, M. & Dijkstra, C.D. 1990; Cell Tissue Res. 260, 215- 222.
  • Macrophages in Lymph Nodes:
    For depletion and repopulation of macrophages in lymph nodes, see: Delemarre, F.G.A., Kors, N., Kraal, G. & Van Rooijen, N. 1990; J.Leuk.Biol. 47; 251-257.
  • Alveolar Macrophages in Lung:
    For depletion of alveolar macrophages in the lung, see: Thepen, T., Van Rooijen, N. & Kraal, G. 1989; J.Exp.Med. 170; 499-509.
  • Peritoneal Macrophages:
    For depletion of peritoneal macrophages, see: Biewenga, J. et al. 1995; Cell Tissue Res.280; 189-196.
  • Testis Macrophages:
    For depletion of testis macrophages, see: Bergh, A., Damber, J-E. & Van Rooijen, N. 1993; J.Endocrinol. 136; 407-413.
  • Phagocytic Synovial Lining Cells in Joints:
    For depletion of phagocytic synovial lining cells in knee joints, see: Van Lent, P.L.E.M. et al. 1993;  Am.J.Pathol. 143; 1226-1237  & Van Lent, P.L.E.M. et al. 1996; Arthritis Rheum. 39; 1545-1555.
  • Perivascular and Meningeal Macrophages in the CNS:
    For depletion of perivascular and meningeal macrophages in the CNS, see: Polfliet, M.M.J. et al. 2001; J. Neuroimmunol. 116; 188-195, 2001.

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